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Williamson County was founded when 107 citizens petitioned for the formation of a new county in 1848. It was named for Judge Robert McAlpin Williamson, fondly nicknamed “Three-legged Willie,” due to a childhood illness that caused him to need a wooden leg extension. Currently, Williamson County boasts a population of nearly 500,000 and is one of the largest counties in Texas. At 1,135 square miles, the County is located on both the Edwards Plateau to the west, consisting of rocky terrain and hills, and Blackland Prairies in the east consisting of rich, fertile farm land.  It is bisected by I-35 and the County seat is in Georgetown. Its rapid growth is propelling expansion north of Austin with companies such as Dell that are a big draw to those looking to relocate to the Texas area.  According to the Milken Institute, Williamson County is included with Austin as one of the US best cities to live in 2009.

Williamson County is governed by the Commissioner’s Court which consists of five members and is presided over by the Judge. There are 1,517 people employed by the County in departments such as the Sheriff’s Office, Emergency Medical Services, and Parks and Recreation. Employees work together to make Williamson County one of the best places to live by taking care of the needs of the citizens and taking care of themselves. In March of 2012, Williamson County was voted healthiest county in the US and strives to find ways to continually prove the health and well-being of its employees and the services they provide.